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Naturally Treat Memory Loss with Neurofeedback

What are the early signs of memory loss?

The signs and symptoms of memory loss include brain fog, forgetfulness, declining cognitive function, the mixing up of words, asking the same questions repeatedly or taking longer to perform normal tasks. These are early warning signs of abnormal brainwave function that are often associated with the inability to process information optimally. If left untreated, this can lead to dementia.

“BrainCore is giving me back part of my life — literally.”
— Charles

Memory Loss is Not One Dimensional

Our goal at Sunshine Neurofeedback is to help to restore brainwave balance.

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Protect Your Memories

Memory loss doesn’t have to always be inevitable.

The underlying causes can move towards normalization by exercising the brain through neurofeedback training. Sunshine Neurofeedback is here to help.