How Does BrainCore Work?

Neurofeedback is exercise for the brain!

Sunshine Neurofeedback offers neurofeedback through the top-of-the-line BrainCore system. Treatment is completely non-invasive, meaning that nothing ever enters your body. Sensors placed on the scalp detect electrical currents the brain naturally produces at key regions of the brain. Four divisions of electrical impulses made by the brain (Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta) are called “Frequency Bands”. Each Frequency Band serves an important function. However, imbalances can result in problems related to thinking, emotions, behaviors, and physiological processes. This is known as dysregulation. Neurofeedback works by regulating dysregulated brainwave patterns.

Sunshine Neurofeedback is Safe, Drugless & Non-Invasive

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Produce The Right Signal at the Right Rate & Time

“Neurofeedback therapy takes abnormal brainwave patterns and makes them normal. When we have normal brainwave patterns, the brain is better to self-regulate itself….”

— Dr. Guy Annunziata

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