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Approaching Anxiety Naturally | Brain Training

Effects of Anxiety on the Brain

Our environment and the ongoing stressors of daily life can overload the body and cause feelings of nervousness, overwhelm, and even panic.
Severe anxiety and distress can be unhealthy for the brain and body and cause brainwaves to become increasingly abnormal. In most cases, this happens due to overstimulation.

Neural hyperactivity and brainwave irregularity can create stressful responses to incoming stimuli. Some people who are overstimulated experience extreme emotional and even physical discomfort. However, Neurofeedback can normalize brainwaves and is a natural way to relieve anxiety.

“The results that I had from BrainCore therapy were phenomenal”
— Greg

Why There is a Need for Another Option

While medications may be useful in the short term, they don’t always fix or even identify the constellation of problems at hand. Pharmaceutical relief from anxiety is often accompanied by unwanted side effects and only lasts as long as the medication is taken. Individuals may develop tolerance to over time and need to try out new medications becomes a cyclical issue in the future.

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While stress is a normal part of life, it should not overwhelm us to the point where we feel we can no longer function at our best. At Sunshine Neurofeedback, we take a holistic approach to treating anxiety. We can help you overcome anxiety and achieve a more relaxed and rewarding lifestyle so that you can be more productive and better achieve your goals.

No one should live with overwhelming symptoms of chronic anxiety. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation or learn more about how we can help.