Brain Training at Home

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At-home Neurofeedback and The Sunshine Advantage

Sunshine Neurofeedback’s cutting-edge home brain training experience begins with an initial QEEG Brain Map conducted in one of our Austin offices. From there, your brain training quality is guaranteed.

The QEEG detailed assessment is foundational in allowing us to identify the very specific focal areas in your brain’s current state that will benefit most from training. It also reveals the precise protocols uniquely prescribed for regulating your or your child’s brainwaves.

This crucial step ensures that your neurofeedback therapy is tailored to make the greatest impact in your life and produce the best results from your investment.

Remote Home Training: Once we have your brain map results, you’re equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly entertaining home brain training device for daily brain exercises.

Train from the Comfort of Home

Our self-train brain training unit includes all the necessary equipment, such as sensors and paste, for an optimal neurofeedback experience.
Remote kits are designed for user-friendliness, allowing you to train from the comfort of your home or bedroom with ease and confidence.
They are dependable and guaranteed to work properly on each adult and child every time so there’s no guessing.

Complete Remote Support

At Sunshine Neurofeedback, your journey is guided by a team of therapists who bring expertise and compassion to the table.

Every remote session is reviewed by our team, ensuring that your neurofeedback therapy remains on track.

We maintain regular communication with you, providing guidance and support while answering any questions you may have during your training.

Neurofeedback Home Unit

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